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All Natural Dental Remedies by Angela Kaelin

When your teeth get the proper nutrition and you take care of them in a more natural way, you can live you life free of cavities, worn enamel and gum disease.

All Natural Dental Remedies by Angela Kaelin
All Natural Dental Remedies: Herbs and Home Remedies to Heal Your Teeth & Naturally Restore Tooth Enamel You can heal your teeth and gums with the right nutrition and care.

Have you ever wondered why it is with all of the advances in medicine and health, people are still getting cavities and gum disease?

Most of these people do what the dentists tell them: They brush their teeth regularly with fluoridated toothpaste, floss and many go for regular visits to the dentist.

Yet, they have problems with their teeth. 

It turns out that almost everything we've been taught to believe in the western world about how to care for our teeth is WRONG! 

Furthermore, the average western diet is lacking in nutrients and minerals the body needs and when the body doesn't get them - guess what! - it takes them from your teeth.

The good news is if you change your diet and re-educate yourself about how to care for your teeth, you can reverse poor oral health, diseased gums and even cavities and worn tooth enamel.

Alternative Health

Natural Remedies for Reversing Gray Hair by Thomas W. Xander

Natural Remedies for Reversing Gray Hair: Nutrition and Herbs for Anti-aging and Optimum Health
by Thomas W. Xander 

Natural Remedies for  Reversing Gray Hair by Thomas W. XanderGray hair is neither a desirable nor an inevitable condition. It is a health problem that should be addressed instead of covered up. Unfortunately, it is usually not taken seriously by allopathic medical doctors unless it is recognized as part of another disease condition.

Concerns about gray hair are far more than vanity. Gray hair is a sign that the body is not functioning properly, which can lead to much bigger health problems if it is not remedied.

The main cause of gray hair is nutritional deficiency, which contributes to the commonly cited secondary causes such as a malfunction of the digestive or glandular system and stress.

The author shows you how to design your own personalized gray hair reversal regimen based on the information in this book.

Learn what to eliminate from your diet and what to include. Learn about specific gray hair remedies and their commonalities.

Magical Healing by Angela Kaelin

Magical Healing: How to Use Your Mind to Heal Yourself and Others by Angela Kaelin

"Magical Healing" is a plain, simple, practical presentation of a mental system of healing you can use to heal yourself and othe
rs by the power of your directed will, without the use of any substance or agent and even at great distances. 

Magical healing is based on natural laws. It is the effect of the manipulation of subtle forces, which are a natural part of our environment. This energy can magnified and manipulated to heal the chakra system as well as organs and systems of the physical body.

The reader who applies the information in this book should be able to do things that appear miraculous to some. Furthermore, learning magical healing will ultimately increase your ability to perform other types of magic.


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